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Radiator Repair | Edmonton, AB

Radiator Repair to Restore Your Cool!

Has your engine lost its cool, showing signs of overheating? 

Watch for these warnings signs that the cooling system of your vehicle may need a repair:

  • Engine belts and hoses show signs of wear
  • Temperature gauge on dashboard says “hot”
  • A burnt smell when the engine is running
  • Dark, non-transparent fluid leaks
  • Steam coming out from the radiator
  • Incorrect ratio of anti-freeze to water

Want to Prevent a Radiator Repair?

A little radiator service now can help prevent the need to replace radiator or experience near fture engine problems. This service typically includes:

  • Radiator flush, if needed
  • Tests for pressure and leaking
  • Anti-freeze added to the proper level
  • Lubricant added to the radiator system as needed
  • Condition of the radiator cap and hoses checked and replaced as needed

Call Revolution Motors today for a specialized radiator repair. Our automotive technicians will be happy to perform an inspection of your engine and then provide you with a diagnosis!

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